DQF - Distinctive quality feature internationalisation


In the open economies of Flanders and the Netherlands it is self-evident that the graduates of higher education programmes have achieved the right competences for working in a international and multicultural environment. Programmes have the possibility to assess their internationalisation efforts by means of the distinctive (quality)feature internationalisation.

In November 2011 the assessment frameworks for the distinctive (quality)feature internationalisation have been determined. Higher Education programmes and institutions can apply for a distinctive (quality)feature internationalisation by using these frameworks.


By the end of 2009 NVAO, in cooperation with various experts, developed an assessment framework for the distinctive (quality)feature internationalisation. In 2010 this framework has been tested in a number of pilots in which 12 HE institutions with 21 programmes from the Netherlands and Flanders participated. After the decision-making the results were presented during a special NVAO seminar "Assessment of Internationalisation" which was held on 15 December 2010. During this seminar 18 Dutch and Flemish programmes have received the distinctive quality(feature) internationalisation. In addition to the distinctive quality(feature) ten programmes have received a certificate on internationalisation with the judgement 'good'.

The experiences that were acquired during the pilot are presented in the evaluation report: Assessment of Internationalisation - An evaluation of the NVAOs pilot procedures.